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Accident Law

3 Surprising Personal Injury Facts

As someone who recently suffered a personal injury, you likely have many questions about your situation, and about what you are owed from the ICBC or other insurance company. Rely on our Vancouver injury lawyers for clear, honest answers. For a free consult, please call Stephens & Holman at 604-730-4120.

1. You may be owed more than the initial offer.

ICBC and other insurance companies don’t necessarily want to offer you the appropriate settlement. They have a bottom line and they don’t want to pay out more money than they have to. By hiring a lawyer, you will have an experienced advocate on your side. The lawyers at Stephens & Holman work to maximize your compensation.

2. There is a time limit for filing your claim.

Known as a “statute of limitation,” this is a law that says you have 2 years from the date of an auto accident to start legal action to protect your claim. There are other statutes of limitation for other types of personal injury. And there can be factors that postpone the limitation date.  Our lawyers can determine what the laws and facts in your case will mean. It’s always a good idea to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

3. Resolving your claim may take some time.

The injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman work tirelessly to resolve their clients’ claims as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to make sure each claim is given thoughtful, strategic treatment, but we also know you probably want it resolved as quickly as possible. Rest assured, our lawyers understand the importance of getting on with your life, but we also want to make sure we exhaust each and every option to maximize your recovery.

The Vancouver personal injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman want to help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries. For a free case evaluation, please call our law firm at 604-730-4120. We have 17 office locations in areas across the region.