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Cruise Ship Accidents

Stephens & Holman can connect you with trusted cruise accident lawyers who help injured victims involved in accidents while traveling at sea.

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Cruise Accident Lawyers

Cruise ship vacations are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, just like any vacation, accidents can happen when you least expect them to. If you have sustained an injury during a cruise, we can assist you with your claim.

Cruise tickets normally contain a forum selection clause; that is, a clause naming the jurisdiction in which legal action can be commenced to enforce your claim. Most cruise lines select Florida. We have an arrangement with a Florida law firm to pursue these claims. Cruise ship injury claims generally have a one-year statute of limitations. The cruise ship ticket will also impose a requirement that written notice be given to the cruise line within a specified time, usually six months.

Our team knows this process and can lead you to the right cruise accident lawyer in Florida to assist you with your cruise accident claim. Cruise lines know which Florida lawyers will litigate these claims, so it is very important to obtain the right law firm.

Types of Injuries Associated with Cruise Ship Accidents
Slip and Fall
Crew Assault
Food Poisoning

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Even if the cruise ship you are on seems clean and safe, unexpected accidents can happen and lead to devastating injuries. This is where the team of lawyers at Stephens & Holman come in. We know the right Florida firm to send you to. They will investigate these types of situations and work with insurance companies to get you compensation. You have every legal right to collect the compensation you deserve. We are here to support you during this process to make sure you receive what is rightfully yours.

The law firm you choose makes a difference. Call the lawyers at Stephens & Holman at 866-506-3139 for a complimentary review of your case. We serve clients in tourist injury accidents and other personal injury cases in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.