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The British Columbia boating accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman help injured victims who’ve been involved in boating accidents.

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Although many boaters practice safe boating when traveling the Canadian waterways and coastlines, far too many fail to take restrictions seriously and end up causing devastating accidents. Research shows that around 200 people die in boating accidents across Canada each year and hundreds more are hospitalized due to related injuries. These statistics show the importance of talking to a boating accident lawyer at Stephens & Holman when injuries occur.

Safety protocols are typically followed, but it’s unrealistic to believe that every boater follows every rule, every time. Drinking while operating a boat is one of the main causes of boat accidents. Untrained crew members or operators also pose a threat in the water.

The boat injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman are professionals in this field and have worked with many families impacted by boating tragedies. Our legal team has the resources to investigate and document circumstances surrounding the accident so you don’t have to worry during the process.

Types of injuries associated with boating accidents:

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Boats transfer many passengers and are required to carry certain safety equipment on board in the event of an accident. When this equipment isn’t fully stocked, more injuries can happen when an accident occurs. People found operating a boat in violation of a law that requires proof of competency on board may be subject to strict penalties, especially when a fatal boating accident takes place. The team of boating injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman is ready to support your case.

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