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Disability Claim Denials

Disability insurance claims can be filed for any injury, illness, or condition that impacts your ability to work.

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How to Prepare Your Disability Claim

If you are unable to work due to an illness or accident, you can file a claim for short-term or long-term disability, but you must meet the insurance company’s criteria. Unfortunately, many British Columbians who do meet the criteria are still denied disability coverage. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate this process to make sure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

The most common types of claims for disability in Canada involve pain, memory or concentration problems, lack of flexibility or mobility, and difficulties seeing, hearing or learning.  Disabilities come in many variations, and someone with an “invisible” disability such as a mental disorder or brain injury may be more likely to be denied coverage compared to a person with a visible condition such as multiple sclerosis.

If you’ve been denied disability benefits, a lawyer can help you increase your odds of approval. In addition to legal counsel, these steps will help your claim:

  • Be Vigilant with Medical Records & Paperwork: All communications with your doctor, your medical records, and appointment details are essential to your claim for compensation. Keep all of these documents in a safe place.
  • Adhere to Your Treatment Plan: Make sure you don’t miss doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, and other parts of your treatment plan. This strengthens your claim by showing you’re dedicated to managing your disability.
  • Keep a Journal of Your Injuries: When dealing with a severe disability, it’s easy to forget just how much your condition affects your everyday life and ability to work. Track your levels of pain, how well your treatments work, and list symptoms.
  • Be Honest: Some patients may downplay the severity of their chronic pain or symptoms during a doctor’s visit while others may exaggerate. It’s crucial that you be honest with the medical providers in charge of your care because insurance adjusters will confirm your diagnosis.

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Contacting a lawyer about your insurance disability claim is the best way to ensure timely approval. Our lawyers at Stephens & Holman can help build your case so you can focus on your treatment.

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