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Bicycle Accidents

The British Columbia bicycle accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman help injured victims who’ve been involved in bicycle accidents.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Cars and trucks don’t always notice the presence of bicyclists on the road. A relaxing bike ride can quickly turn dangerous, or even fatal, if automobile drivers fail to pay close attention to the road. The bicycle accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman are here for you when you experience an injury and need to know your rights. Don’t wait to receive the information and compensation you deserve after experiencing a bicycle accident.

Avoiding bicycle accidents is very possible, but the reality of the road is often out of your hands. Automobile drivers should stay alert, check their mirrors, and constantly look out for motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. However, even normally safe scenarios can turn dangerous.

The Stephens & Holman bicycle injury lawyers work hard to bring light to your case with hard evidence of negligence on the part of the automobile driver. Even if the actions of the bicyclist contributed to the accident, an injured victim may still be able to claim compensation. Our bike accident lawyers fight to get your family support for medical expenses and lost income.

Types of injuries associated with bicycle accidents:

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Helmets may protect a bicyclist from head injuries during falls, but they don’t do much to protect a rider from the impact of a heavy automobile. Between brain and spinal cord injuries, whiplash, broken bones, and many other devastating injuries, your mental and physical state may require additional care. The bicycle accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman are experts in their field and can guide you toward a state of mental and physical relief.

The law firm you choose makes a difference. Call the bicycle accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman at 604-730-4120 for a complimentary review of your case. We serve clients in bicycle accidents and other injury cases in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.