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Do I have a Case?

The earlier you speak to a lawyer about your accident, the better your chances may be of obtaining appropriate compensation for your accident claim. We encourage you to set up a free consultation with a lawyer at the BC law firm of Stephens & Holman.

Talk to a Lawyer

Evaluating Your Claim

In evaluating the potential claim with your best interests in mind, your Vancouver lawyer will outline the advantages to hiring a lawyer. If we determine that you have enough details to consider pursuing a claim, we will put the legal wheels in motion and, if necessary, send trained accident investigators to secure the evidence we need to prove negligence.

Don’t let an injury devastate your family. Find out if you have a case and let us help you make a substantial recovery. We’ll ensure that you know what treatment ICBC is obligated to provide to you.  We will also get you compensation to cover lost income and pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, so that you can move on with your life.

During our meeting, we’ll:

  • Go over the details of your accident
  • Discuss your injuries
  • Demonstrate our credentials
  • Determine if you should move forward with your personal injury claim

You may be surprised to learn there are a number of benefits of which you are unaware.

We’re here to Help

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