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Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

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The Need for Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

How much energy is absorbed by a cross member made of hot-rolled high-strength low-alloy steel during an auto accident? Does it matter that a manufacturer decided to utilize 280 MPa steel instead of 340 MPa steel? What is the coefficient of friction between a rubber-soled shoe and a gravel-strewn concrete walkway? How much force is required to cause a simultaneous catastrophic brittle failure of the radius and ulna? What is the metabolic pathway that transforms bupropion into radafaxine? Is there a connection between phthalate plasticizers and insulin resistance?

If you can answer all these questions, you may not need an expert witness to testify in your auto accident, dangerous premises, severe injury or defective product lawsuit. But if you cannot answer these questions and any of a thousand more associated ones, you need an expert witness to give evidence that supports your claim.

And you need expert witnesses for another reason: ICBC and other defendants in your case will have them. They maintain experts on every aspect of their business. ICBC will bring forward witnesses that will try to minimize your injuries. Other defendants, especially manufacturers of defective products, will bring forward experts in engineering, manufacturing, and testing to assert that they are not to blame for your injury.

Even if you are a generally knowledgeable person and conduct significant research on your case to assemble arguments in support of your claim, a jury will compare your testimony to the expert on the other side of the aisle and most likely decide against you because you are not a certified expert in the issue at hand.

At Stephens & Holman, we have access to experts in fields relating to every case we take on. We have experts in material science, architecture, construction, chemistry, manufacturing, medicine, and many other fields that we can call on to add legitimacy and strength to your claim. We have years of experience and know what it takes to tip a judge or jury in your favor.

Before you face off against an opponent who will try to minimize your injury, make sure you have sufficient evidence on your side. Make sure you have expert witnesses who understand what happened to you.

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