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Why You Need an ICBC Lawyer in Vancouver

ICBC is the automobile insurer in British Columbia, and vehicle owners are required to obtain their basic coverage from ICBC. If you are involved in an auto accident in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia, you need a lawyer who has experience with ICBC and all the laws and regulations that apply. Vancouver ICBC Lawyers can help you navigate the legal process to maximize your compensation.

Important Factors to Consider for your ICBC Claim

  • Statute of Limitations:  In British Columbia, there is a statute of limitations on accident claims which requires any lawsuit to be filed within two years of the date of the accident. This is a short period of time to complete the research and compile evidence, so it is important to seek legal counsel early on.
  • No Fault Benefits: Regardless of fault for an accident, ICBC is required to pay certain benefits for medical and rehabilitation expenses and disability payments.  A skilled ICBC lawyer can help you claim the benefits you may be entitled to.
  • ICBC Adjusters: Keep in mind that the adjuster assigned to your case is an employee of ICBC, who has the company’s best interests in mind. They are skilled negotiators who have years of experience making sure ICBC is protected. An equally skilled ICBC lawyer working on your behalf keeps everything fair.

For experienced help with an auto accident case in Vancouver, please contact Stephens & Holman today by calling 604-730-4120.