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Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Vancouver’s Rainy Fall

As the rain continues to fall across Vancouver, now is an opportune time to brush up on your pedestrian safety awareness. The days now are much cooler, darker and the extended forecast is typical for this time of year: rain and clouds. If you travel on foot, remember these tips from the Vancouver Police Department:

  • Make eye contact with drivers and people approaching on bicycles. If you successfully make eye contact, it’s much more likely that they see and recognize you.
  • Cross at designated crossing points. Drivers are much more likely to be prepared for your presence at these crossings.
  • Comply with traffic signals. You should enter intersections only when the signal says it’s your turn to go. Like crossing at designated spots, crossing when you’re signaled will increase the odds a driver will be looking for you on the road.
  • Never assume people in their vehicles see you. Especially with the widespread problem of distracted driving, and given that drivers in dark, rainy weather tend to keep their eyes locked straight ahead, you have to be somewhat of a “defensive pedestrian” by staying alert and staying visible.

In the dark mornings and evenings, in particular, you should wear bright clothing or even a reflective piece of clothing to increase your visibility. And even as a pedestrian, distraction from your phone or another device can cause you to get in an accident with a vehicle or bicycle. Make sure you stop walking and take a break somewhere safe if you need to text or adjust something on your phone. A little extra caution and preparedness can go a long way toward safer walking in the fall and winter months.

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