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Accident Law

Life Threatening Injuries from Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents can result in death–killing drivers or passengers immediately. In other circumstances, the person may succumb to their injuries in the days or weeks following an accident. Nothing can undo the grief of such a situation, but speaking to an experienced car accident lawyer can provide clear, accurate information about how to proceed.

According to B.C. Injury Research and Prevention, approximately 7,500 drivers or passengers experience an injury from a car crash resulting in hospitalization. There is a mix of environmental and driver-related factors that play a part in car accidents in B.C. today. Though environmental factors can’t be changed, paying closer attention to driving speeds and those around them may make for fewer injuries in the long run.

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

There are many reasons why life threatening injuries from car accidents occur and there are just as many ways to stay safe when on the road in British Columbia. The following are some of the most common fatal injuries from car accidents in British Columbia. Along with recognizing these points, it’s even more important to know how to avoid them.

Failing to Yield

This is one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Observe all signs and traffic signals in intersections and carefully scan crosswalks and blind spots when turning left.

Ignoring Traffic Controls

Obey all traffic signals and signs. Always come to a complete stop at all stop signs and red lights and pay close attention when yielding. Focusing on traffic signs and signals makes drivers less likely to end up with a life threatening injury from a car accident.

Following too Closely

Following a car too closely gives you less room to stop in an emergency and increases risk of rear-end collisions. Leave yourself a distance of at least two seconds to stop in good weather and at least three seconds for larger vehicles or motorcycles.


Speeding slows reaction times and it often takes longer to stop when you need to brake suddenly. Always allow yourself extra time to reach your destination to avoid speeding while obeying all speed limits.

Improper Passing

Always pass a vehicle safely and legally within the advised speed limit. Never use the right lane to pass another vehicle and always make sure to signal and use your mirrors so you can see all vehicles around you. Always stop and yield for school buses and drive cautiously around any parked school buses.

Driver Impairment

When drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they become high risk. The negative decisions these drivers make can dangerously impact lives around them as well as their own lives. Stay sober when behind the wheel of a vehicle.