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Tourist Accident

If you’re a visitor to British Columbia and are involved in an accident, you should follow all the basic rules of what to do after an accident, just as you would in your hometown.

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What to Do After a Tourist Accident

  • If you sustain serious injury, the police will be called and a report filed, of which you will receive a copy.
  • If you are in need of emergency care, and can’t gather information yourself, ask a traveling companion or acquaintance to gather information at the accident scene including witness information, driving conditions, location, etc.
  • If you are physically able, write down everything you remember about the accident while it is fresh in your mind, or record it on tape.

Your recovery period would be the perfect time to contact a B.C. lawyer to help you decide what to do next. A lawyer who has handled many accident claims in this jurisdiction knows the law well, and can effectively meet the needs of tourists involved in accidents.

If you decide to proceed with a claim against a negligent driver, your lawyer can simplify the proceedings and move forward with a thorough investigation.

You Don’t Have to Stay in B.C. to Continue to Pursue Your Claim

Through email, phone and fax, a Stephens & Holman lawyer can keep you completely informed of what is happening. After you return home, we’ll continue to deal with ICBC until we reach a settlement amount that is acceptable to you. For a complimentary consultation, please call 604-730-4120 today.

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