What to Do after an Accident

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An accident can quickly distort all sense of reality, but in times like this, it is crucial to keep a level head and act quickly.  The law firm of Stephens & Holman offers B.C. residents a few steps to follow after an auto accident, dangerous premises accident, or defective product accident.

Get Medical Help

  • If you are severely injured, make sure medical help is on the way
  • If you aren’t in need of immediate medical attention,  be sure to visit a doctor shortly after the accident to find any underlying injuries which may have resulted
  • Follow through with follow-up doctor visits and ask for copies of all medical reports and information

Gather Information

  • If you can, get the names and numbers of any bystanders or witnesses, or have someone do that for you
  • After an auto accident, record the license plate number of the driver who hit you and jot down anything in your immediate memory regarding how the accident happened
  • Get the name and insurance info of the other driver, or property owner in the case of a premises liability accident
  • If possible, take photos of the accident scene from all angles
  • After an injury due to a defective product, make sure you collect any packaging, instructions, and the product itself

Get Professional Support

  • Make sure police are called, so they will file an accident report
  • Contact an experienced Vancouver accident lawyer for legal guidance and aggressive representation of your rights

Don’t Sign Anything Away

  • Do not sign or agree to anything on the phone with ICBC or another insurance company. You may be waiving your rights.
  • Don’t accept an accident settlement that is less than you deserve.

Find Out about Limitation Periods

  • There are various limitation periods within which certain documents must be provided to ICBC and within which a court action must be commenced in order to protect your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can advise you concerning these periods.

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