Truck Accident Lawyers

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Truck operators are aware of their potential to cause damage if they hit a smaller vehicle, yet some will to take risks and drive recklessly.

The truck accident lawyers at Stephens and Holman represent residents and tourists who’ve been severely injured in an accident involving a large truck. From spinal cord injuries to brain injuries, burn injuries, and whiplash, we’ll do our best to get you the accident settlement you need to recover.

Our accident team will work day and night to put together the pieces of your accident, find out what caused it, and present the facts to get you a fair settlement. If you’ve lost a loved one during a truck collision, contact our wrongful death lawyers for advice on your family’s rights.

The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and cannot be counted upon to act with your best interests in mind. Hiring a skilled lawyer with years of experience handling truck accidents is your best bet for receiving fair representation. If you’re unsure of your rights after a truck accident, let our Vancouver accident lawyers assist you.

Read our Truck Accident FAQs for more information.

The law firm you choose makes a difference. Call 604-730-4120 or email truck accident lawyers Stephens & Holman BEFORE you discuss your accident with an insurance adjuster. You can meet with us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and pay us only after you collect!