Accidents That Lead to Chronic Pain

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Even the most minor accident can have surprising consequences in terms of injury and pain. Injuries can be caused by:

An injury normally results in acute pain – the pain in the moment that results from the immediate damage to the body as a result of:

This acute pain can be severe, and it can last for many days, even weeks or months. Severe and long-lasting acute pain can also develop into what is known as chronic pain. Chronic pain comes in two different types. Chronic pain can be physiological or it can be what is known as somatoform pain. 

Physiological chronic pain is caused by a conditioning of the pain system in the body so that the threshold for pain signals is lowered and the entire pain mechanism in the body can be rewired so that more nerves become able to generate pain signals. Once this occurs, minor aches and pains associated with bodily function become magnified, and the body begins to respond to other forms of stimuli, such as temperature and pressure, and interprets them as pain.  The result is a constant experience of pain in the injured location that had previously suffered acute pain.

Sometimes, chronic pain results from what is known as somatoform pain disorder. This type of pain has no direct physiological cause. It is, to use layman's terms, "all in your head." However, since all pain is ultimately a phenomena of the brainstem, chronic somatoform pain is just as real as chronic physiologic pain, characterized by stimulation of many of the same regions in the brain. Treatment of somatoform pain is as important as treatment of physiological pain.

Chronic pain represents a significant decrease in your quality of life. It can reduce your earning capacity and requires expensive, ongoing treatment for which you deserve compensation. Unfortunately, people tend to dismiss chronic pain sufferers as malingerers, especially if you suffer from somatoform pain disorder. In order to receive fitting compensation, you must employ a lawyer with the experience and skill to represent the severity of your pain.

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