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A wide variety of personal injuries can prevent you from performing your job duties. Car accidents, workplace accidents and falls are just a few of the things that may have caused such an injury. But how do you support yourself and any dependents you may have while you are unable to work?

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman may be able to help you get the compensation you need to meet the challenge of lost wages.

Here are some things we may be able to help with:

  • Payment of disability benefits
  • Payment for prescription and treatment costs
  • Payment of the balance of your lost income at the completion of your claim

Our experienced lawyers know how to pursue a fair and adequate ICBC settlement. You may feel overwhelmed by the process. Let us guide you through the process of pursuing the payment you deserve. By hiring a lawyer, you can rest assured that we will make sure the claims process is carried out on a level playing field. We will make sure you know all of your rights and options following an accident injury that prevents you from working.

If you are searching for an experienced Vancouver BC personal injury lawyer, please call Stephens & Holman, at 604-730-4120, for a free consultation.