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Victims of auto accidents who suffer serious cognitive impairment after impact may never fully understand what they lost. Families of brain injury victims may find that dealing with mental impairment of a loved one is even more difficult than dealing with physical impairment.

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Before 1986

Lawyers in British Columbia were severely restricted in their right to advertise. They were not allowed to publish their fees or give information about important legal rights. Prior to the formation of Stephens & Holman, Vic Stephens consistently pushed the boundaries of what was allowed in legal advertising. Mr. Stephens took this position because he believed consumers were being harmed by unreasonable restrictions on the dissemination of useful information by lawyers. With the formation of Stephens & Holman, this commitment continued.

After January 1986

When the rules restricting lawyer advertising in British Columbia were relaxed, Stephens & Holman continued to be in the vanguard of legal advertising. Vic Stephens and Simon Holman were the first lawyers in British Columbia to develop an ongoing television advertising program.

Stephens & Holman has grown to be a highly respected accident and injury law firm with 21 offices conveniently located in British Columbia. For a complimentary review of your case, please call us at 604-730-4120 today.

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