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Tourist Rights

As a tourist, you may think that you are not entitled to the same rights afforded to citizens of British Columbia. However, as a visitor to our area, you are protected under law with inherent rights even though you are not a resident.

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Your Rights as a Tourist

  • You may have the right to collect insurance benefits from ICBC, the government insurance company which holds the majority of basic auto insurance coverage policies
  • You have the right to file a lawsuit against the negligent party if your claim is not settled satisfactorily
  • You have the right to emergency medical care
  • You have the right to collect compensation for medical expenses that resulted from an accident caused by a negligent party

The compensation you are entitled to as a result of the accident may well differ from the compensation in your home jurisdiction.

The law firm you choose makes a difference. Call or email tourist accident lawyers Stephens & Holman BEFORE you discuss your accident with an ICBC adjuster. You can meet with us for a free, no-obligation consultation and pay us only after you collect!

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