Larry Trach

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Larry Trach, lawyer at Stephens & Holman

Larry Trach was called to the bar in Saskatchewan in 1979. He is also a member of the B.C. bar. He was in the general practice of law for 21 years in Saskatoon; his primary focus there was in personal injury law which accounted for about half his practice.

The balance of his practice included corporate and business law, civil litigation and real estate. Since 2000, Mr. Trach has practiced exclusively with Stephens & Holman in the personal injury area representing plaintiffs.

Prior to his call to the bar, Larry earned his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan. His pre-law studies at that University included earning an Honours B.A. in Sociology and Philosophy as well as an M.A. in Sociology.  He also taught Sociology at the University.

Mr. Trach has made numerous successful court appearances at all levels of Court. He is married with 2 daughters and enjoys living in West Vancouver. His recreational interests include hiking, golfing and walking the dogs, as well as reading and photography.

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