Child Pedestrians and School Bus Accidents

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When children are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the injuries are usually very severe and can sometimes even be fatal. Due to their smaller size and unpredictable behavior, children are involved in pedestrian accidents more often than adults. Frequently, these accidents occur when boarding or leaving a school bus, walking to and from school, or walking across the street at their bus stop or by their school.

The following injuries are common when children are involved in school bus pedestrian accidents:

Approximately 80% of children killed in school bus accidents are not on board the bus at the time of the accident. They are boarding or exiting the bus, or they are walking across the street at their bus stop. The majority of these catastrophic accidents are easily preventable if drivers exercise a greater level of caution around school buses.

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Causes of School Bus Accidents

The most common causes of school bus accidents are:

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Poor driving conditions (fog, rain, snow, icy roads, etc.)
  • School bus driver inexperience
  • Bus driver fatigue
  • Aggressive driving in school zones
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians boarding and exiting buses
  • Poor visibility around school buses
  • Bus drivers retracting the stop sign before children are safely out of the road
  • Bus drivers failing to look for or see children near the bus

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