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Accident Law

What To Do If You’re in a Car Accident?

A car accident is one of the most terrifying incidents that any person can be involved with. Your first instinct will be to panic and you may not know what to do other than experience your fear. At Stephens & Holman, our Vancouver car accident lawyers have experience helping countless clients get compensation after their accidents.

With this experience, we’ve put together the following information to help you know what steps to take after being involved in a car accident:

  •  Contact the authorities — call the police and ensure that they document the scene; do not give any statements of fault or about the status of your injuries
  • Gather information — take pictures, write down license plate numbers, and gather information from all parties involved with the accident
  • Contact our Vancouver car accident lawyers — we can help you speak with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and get your claim started properly
  • Don’t admit fault — even if you believe you may be at fault or partially at fault, don’t admit anything; allow the police to investigate the scene
  • See a physician — some injuries from a car accident may take days to manifest any symptoms, so it’s imperative to be examined by a physician before stating that you’re not injured

Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

At Stephens & Holman, our lawyers have the breadth of experience you need when filing an ICBC claim. We know how the ICBC operates and the ways they will attempt to avoid paying for your claim. Our lawyers will ensure that you’re fairly represented and compensated for the damages and injuries you sustain in your accident. For a free case evaluation, please contact us today by calling 604-730-4120.