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What Makes Our Vancouver Lawyers Better?

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you may not know where to turn for help. Maybe you’ve decided that you have grounds to file a lawsuit, but you aren’t sure how to choose a Vancouver lawyer to represent you. Allow our lawyers at Stephens & Holman to describe what sets our firm apart from the others you can choose from.

Our lawyers have been helping the Vancouver community with their accident and injury cases for over 20 years. There isn’t a case that we haven’t seen or a scenario that we don’t have experience with. We understand how to navigate difficult cases and also how to expedite easier cases that should earn you a cash reward.

In addition to our experience, we offer the following incredible benefits to all of our clients:

  • 24/7 legal help line
  • Free consultations
  • All cases are done on a contingency-fee basis

Our contingency-fee policy means that we do not charge any of our fees upfront. It also means that any costs incurred in hiring investigators or expert witnesses will be covered by our firm. We will only collect our fee and reimburse ourselves for any costs if we win a settlement for you. Also, we don’t collect until you’ve actually received the funds.

At Stephens & Holman, our accident lawyers make it our priority to offer the best possible service and to ensure that you get the largest settlement possible. For help with your case, please contact us today by calling 604-730-4120.