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Never Do These Things Around a Tractor-Trailer

Whenever we’re forced to share the road with other vehicles, accidents are going to occur from time to time. Unfortunately, whenever one of these accidents involves a semi-truck, severe damage and injuries often occur. Because of its size and weight, a tractor-trailer is harder to maneuver and, therefore, more difficult to avoid an accident. Our Vancouver truck accident lawyers have witnessed the awful effects of truck accidents and wish to share some tips to help you and your family avoid these types of accidents.

Tractor-trailers are heavy and huge and must be treated as such, therefore, follow these tips to avoid truck accidents:

  • Never cut-off a tractor-trailer — a truck may seem far enough away that you can change lanes in front of them, but keep in mind that it takes them a lot longer to slow down or stop than regular vehicles
  • Be aware of a truck’s blind spots — tractor-trailers have huge blind spots that must be avoided when driving. If you can’t see their mirrors, then they can’t see you
  • Give tractor-trailers plenty of space when going uphill — semi-trucks have a lot of weight and multiple gears and may lose traction while going uphill (especially in inclement weather), so always give them enough space in case they slip backward
  • Beware of wide turns — tractor-trailers are so large, they may have to turn nearly all the way left prior to commencing a right turn.  So be aware of this and don’t get squished at an intersection
  • Watch for debris — oftentimes, tractor-trailers will shoot bits of debris from their load or from underneath the truck. This debris can crack windshields and cause distraction, so it’s always a good idea to give tractor-trailers plenty of space (even 20 car lengths when necessary)

Contact Our Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers for Help

Our Vancouver accident lawyers hope that these tips help you to avoid dangerous truck accidents, but should the worse occur, please trust that our lawyers can help you get compensation. We will put in the time, research, and effort to get you the maximum settlement or award so you and your family receive the proper care. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 604-730-4120.