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May 07, 2021
The Occupiers Liability Act is one that defines the rights and responsibilities of property owners, tenants, and managers. The act, most recently updated in 2020, defines “occupier” as a person who is in physical possession of premises, or who has responsibility for and control over the condition… Read Full Post
March 25, 2021
Truck accidents are typically more dangerous and damaging than accidents between passenger vehicles. Because of the weight and size differential between cars, trucks, SUVS and semi-trucks, these accidents frequently result in serious injuries including: Traumatic brain injury Neck and Back injury… Read Full Post
February 18, 2021
Distracted driving, in its simplest form, is anything done while driving that is not directly related to the task of operating a vehicle. There are three types of distraction that have been identified as leading causes of accidents. These are: Visual. Taking your eyes off of the road Manual.… Read Full Post
January 22, 2021
At Stephens & Holman, we are committed to helping each of our clients obtain the best results possible. Attentive, thorough, and tenacious, our lawyers take time to understand how an injury has and will continue to impact the life and livelihood of each client we represent. Tireless and smart,… Read Full Post
December 21, 2020
There is no requirement to hire a lawyer for an ICBC claim. This is true even in cases that go to court. Of course, choosing to go it alone means just that. You will be required to deal with any and all issues that arise on your own and your settlement will, likely, reflect this. You do not have… Read Full Post
March 11, 2020
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) provides basic, public auto insurance and optional additional coverage to countless Canadian motorists. In the event of an accident, you can currently hire a lawyer to help you sue the at-fault driver and obtain maximum compensation during the… Read Full Post
January 23, 2020
Whether you’re a local or visiting BC, auto accidents and other personal injuries can happen at any time. There are a variety of people who visit British Columbia—from out of town Canadians to individuals and families from other countries such as the United States. Out-of-towners often rent… Read Full Post
October 14, 2019
Legislation passed by the provincial government of British Columbia took effect on April 1, 2019, to limit the compensation for motor vehicle injuries that are deemed "minor." This new category of "minor injuries" caps the monetary amount available for ICBC claims and all auto accident claims at $5… Read Full Post
August 20, 2019
Although the number of fatal car accidents in British Columbia and Canada as a whole has decreased significantly over the past 20 years, auto accidents are still the leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 and 19. In fact, teens make up just 13 percent of licensed drivers in… Read Full Post
August 23, 2017
Over the last few years, there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents in British Columbia. Motorcycle accidents can be severe, as riders are significantly less protected than those in automobiles and can sustain traumatic injury when involved in a collision with another vehicle. At… Read Full Post