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What happens when a product you’ve purchased has the potential to cause serious harm?  Did it fall through the cracks of certain safety testing measures?  Did the product have inherent design flaws that were overlooked by the manufacturer on purpose?

These questions can be answered with the help of an experienced Surrey product liability lawyer.  The legal team of Stephens & Holman have been handling product liability claims for over 20 years. 

Safety standards

Products put on the market must comply with safety standards, and with packaging and labeling requirements.  However, this doesn’t mean they’re all safe. 


  • A safety standard is ignored for profits
  • A manufacturing malfunction caused the defect

But the product manufacturer should be held accountable when injuries occur. 

If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries after use of a defective product, let us help you bring a strong claim against the negligent parties. 

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