What to do if You're Injured in a Car Accident

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You find yourself sitting in traffic at a red light and all of the sudden are lurched forward as someone behind you rear-ends you vehicle. In this moment of panic, you need to remember some basic steps to ensure that you will be able to handle this situation properly.

The first thing to remember when you've been a in car accident is to remain calm. Contact the police and be sure to document everything as best as you can. Take pictures and get insurance information from the person that hit you. Before determining how you feel or if you're injured, you need to see a doctor. Some injuries from a car accident may not manifest themselves for several weeks or months.

Some other steps you can following to ensure a good, fair outcome after a car accident :

  • Never admit fault because it may get documented
  • File an accident report with the police
  • Contact your insurance company

The ICBC can be a difficult entity to deal with as their job is to find ways save the insurance company money. It is best to allow your attorneys to handle communicating with  the ICBC. The attorneys at Stephens & Holman have the experience required to talk with the ICBC for you. 

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