What To Do If a Vehicle Hits You

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Pedestrian Accident | Surrey, BC Injury LawyersImagine you're crossing the street, even following the proper road signals, when a vehicle makes a turn and slams into you. At first, you're going to experience fear and pain, and then will wonder where that vehicle came from and why you were hit.

When a vehicle slams into a pedestrian, there are almost always going to be injuries and suffering involved. More often than not, the vehicle was disobeying traffic laws, and that person's negligence is what caused the accident.

When our Surrey personal injury attorneys at Stephens and Holman approach a pedestrian accident lawsuit, we first establish the following:

  • Was the pedestrian following traffic signs and laws
  • Was the driver following traffic signs and laws
  • Was the driver impaired from drinking or otherwise
  • Was the driver speeding

Our accident attorneys will use this information to help establish who was at fault and if there was negligence on the part of the driver. Even if you were partially at fault due to disobeying traffic laws, you still may be entitled to an award or settlement.

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