Rise in Vancouver Speeding Tickets Blamed on Driver Frustration

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According to a veteran traffic officer with the Vancouver Police, road construction, bike lanes, and increased traffic are all to blame for a major spike in Vancouver's speeding tickets. As he states, loss of space on the roads contributes to driver frustration, which results in motorists speeding up once they reach an open stretch to recover lost time.

In 2013, Vancouver police issued a total of 28,741 speeding tickets - a record number, and a significant uptick compared to the 18,227 tickets issued in 2012. Although Vancouver Police has increased speed enforcement, that alone cannot account for such a significant increase in tickets.

The speed limit in Vancouver is 50mph, unless otherwise posted. Police are targeting drivers traveling at 75mph, 80mph, and higher, since they pose the greatest risk for a car accident. The higher a vehicle's speed, the less control a driver has over the vehicle, and the longer it takes to stop. In addition to this speeding epidemic, distracted driving has also increased in recent years, further heightening the risk that motorists experience out on the open road.

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