Man Buried Alive in Sugar After Company Removed Safety Device

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A 50-year-old man working in a Pennsylvania sugar plant was found buried alive after a safety device was removed from the sugar hopper he was working on. After spending the morning working on bagging sugar for his company, there were too many clumps and they were slowing down the process, so the man grabbed a shovel to try to remove the clumps.

After returning from lunch, his coworkers found him buried alive inside of the sugar hopper with merely the top of the shovel showing through the sugar.

For some reason a safety device that, according to protocols, should have been on the hopper was missing. A manager apparently believed it was slowly down their production so he had it removed. The safety device would have prevented the man's death.

Federal safety investigators are looking into why the device was removed and how to prevent such horrible accidents from happening in the future.

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