In a Car Accident on Your Vacation?

Serving Greater Vancouver and Nearby Areas of British Columbia

While car accidents are frightening at any time, getting in a car accident as a tourist can be especially unnerving. You are in a country where the laws are unfamiliar, the insurance situation is complicated, and there is no one around to help you. While driving in British Columbia is similar to other provinces and countries, the ways each jurisdiction handles its car accident cases can be quite different.

Your best option in this situation is to contact a car accident lawyer who has experience helping tourists with their accident case. The lawyers at Stephens & Holman have many years’ experience with car accidents in British Columbia, and will be happy to represent you and uphold your rights as a tourist traveling in Canada.

Before driving in British Columbia, or anywhere in Canada, a tourist should have:

  • A driver’s licence from your home country
  • Proof of registration for your car (if the car is from your home country)
  • A rental agreement (if you are renting a car in Canada)
  • Insurance that covers you in Canada

The insurance situation can be complex when traveling to British Columbia. ICBC, the government insurance corporation for British Columbia, covers B.C. drivers, but your insurance may offer benefits as well. Check with your insurance company before driving your own car to Canada.

You have the right to file a lawsuit against the other driver if they were at fault for the accident. To learn more about your options and rights, contact Stephens & Holman for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. You can call our firm at 604-730-4120 or use the online form at the top of the page. We serve tourists visiting Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.