How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

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Even the most experienced riders can find themselves in a bad situation that can lead to a serious injury. Taking a motorcycle safety course and making sure to wear protective gear every time you ride are crucial first steps in making sure you make it home to Vancouver safely. Our motorcycle accident lawyers offer tips on avoiding common situations that lead to accidents.

Here are some common motorcycle accident causes and ways for you to avoid them:

  • A car turns left in front of you:  Keep watch for situations where this can happen. If there is a gap in traffic near an intersection, parking lot entrance, or driveway, a motorist may not see you coming. Distracted driving often plays a part, so be extra vigilant.
  • A car changes lanes into your space:  Be sure to stay out of drivers' blind spots. Motorcycles are much smaller than most cars, so drivers may not realize you are there, even if they are checking for larger vehicles.
  • A person opens their parked vehicle's door: This common cause of severe injury is one of the easiest to avoid. Never ride in the door zone—between parked cars and the lane. If the lane next to the parking lane is narrow, keep to the left side of the lane.

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