How An Attorney Can Help Your ICBC Claim

Serving Greater Vancouver and Nearby Areas of British Columbia

ICBC claim policy is shown with Canadian money in VancouverThe Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, or ICBC, offers basic public insurance and additional coverage to the area. When an auto accident occurs, particularly one that involves severe injury or death, the ICBC claims process can be complicated and may leave you without the full compensation you’re owed for the medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. Many men and women are under the impression that hiring a lawyer will harm their ICBC injury claim, but that is illegal and unethical.

An ICBC injury claims lawyer can help you in several ways including:

  • Maximizing your claim by preserving and compiling evidence from the accident
  • Making sure your rights are protected
  • Translating your injuries and associated costs such as lost wages or disability are adequately covered when the ICBC claims adjustor offers financial compensation

You may not realize the full amount of reimbursement you can pursue if you decide to go through the ICBC process alone. Additionally, there is a statute of limitations on these claims. You have exactly two years from the auto accident to file the claim, which is why meeting with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible can move the process along to maximize your compensation.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in the Great Vancouver area, please contact our ICBC lawyers as soon as possible at (604) 730-4120 to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the full amount you’re owed. Our lawyers at Stephens & Holman specialize in ICBC claims and serve clients in Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia. We have 17 convenient locations and are available to help you and your loved ones.