Honda Recalls Over 100,000 Motorcycles

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Stephens & Holman | Surrey accident lawyersHonda has issued its second recall this year, this time for 126,000 motorcycles. The recall is for the GL-1800 model made between 2001-2010 and in 2012. The bikes are being recalled due to a faulty brake master cylinder that can cause the rear brake to engage when it shouldn't and drag. This dragging friction can cause the rear brake to heat up which can cause a fire.

Honda issued the recall after receiving over 500 complaints of the rear brake dragging and at least 8 reports of a fire.

These same motorcycles were recalled in 2011, but Honda continued to receive complaints that the repairs didn't work, so they've been recalled again.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident as a result of a defect or recall, you may have recourse to file a lawsuit. Our experienced Surrey lawyers can help get you the compensation you deserve for the damages to your bike and any injuries you sustained.

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