Getting Medical Treatment After Your Auto Accident

Serving Greater Vancouver and Nearby Areas of British Columbia

The sooner you go to the doctor’s after being in an auto accident, the better. Your auto accident lawyer is much more likely to secure appropriate compensation for your injuries if you can show that you received prompt medical attention. This makes it easier to prove two points that are important to any injury claim:

  • It shows that your injuries were serious enough to warrant immediate assistance.
  • It shows that the injuries the doctor finds resulted from your car accident.

If you delay for a few days before receiving medical attention, ICBC may attempt to argue that your injuries were minor, or that you received them from some other cause after the accident. And without clear medical records immediately following the crash, it can be difficult to disprove this.

So see a doctor as soon as possible after your auto accident. Don’t wait to set up an appointment with your usual medical professional. For instance, if you are on vacation in British Columbia and get in an accident while you are there, don’t wait until you’ve returned home to go to the doctor. Find a nearby doctor or hospital soon after the accident.

If you were recently in a car crash and waited to go to the doctor, you still may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. Lawyers from Stephens & Holman can help you prepare your injury claim, and represent you in the event of a dispute. For a free consultation with our Surrey auto accident lawyers, contact us by filling out a form or calling 604-730-4120.