Fall on Someone's Property? Should You Make a Claim?

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Slip and Fall Lawyers | Vancouver BC AttorneysAt Stephens & Holman, our Vancouver injury lawyers have decades of experience helping people get compensation for their injuries. If you've suffered an injury that you believe was caused by the negligent care of another's property, you may have recourse to make a claim for compensation.

Dangerous premises lawsuits can be filed for the following:

  • Unsafe flooring
  • Concrete that is not even
  • Dangerous stairs
  • Slippery areas that you may step on
  • Blocked walkways
  • Unsafe environments

When someone is responsible for the care and maintenance of premises, that person owes a duty of care to others using those premises. There should not be wet or slippery areas in walkways, the floor should be even and free of tripping hazards, and stairs need to be properly maintained. You also shouldn't encounter extra danger in the environment, like falling trees. Additionally, the premises need to be well-lit and well-secured in order to guarantee your safety.

If you've been injured due to an unsafe environment or the negligent upkeep of an environment, work-place, or home anywhere in British Columbia, don't hesitate to contact our Surrey injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman. We can help get you compensation to cover your medical bills, pain, and suffering. Call us today at 604-730-4120.