Teen Girl Struck by Pick-Up Truck While Crossing Street in Surrey, BC

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A 15-year-old girl was struck by a pick-up truck in Surrey while she was crossing a street late Wednesday afternoon. According to police, the teen was walking in a marked crosswalk, but the driver failed to see her as “she was wearing dark clothing.” He stayed at the scene of the pedestrian accident, which occurred on 24th Ave at 134th St at around 5:30PM.

The girl sustained a head injury that is not believed to be life-threatening, but could result in a traumatic brain injury. The crash is still under investigation.

Brain injury is a serious condition with potentially life-long consequences. Many victims of pedestrian accidents and auto accidents who suffer head injuries must contend with worsening symptoms months and even years later. Brain injury can affect a victim’s memory, concentration, balance and coordination, cognitive abilities, and even their emotional stability.

Depending on what area of the brain is injured, the result can be a slight concussion, or permanent brain damage with progressive symptoms. Accident victims often show no signs of brain injury until a cognitive impairment or speech problem is identified by a family member.

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