Steps of an ICBC Claim

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Dealing with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, or ICBC, after your auto accident can be frustrating. The laws governing how the ICBC handles insurance claims are complicated. When pursuing a claim with the corporation, you need an experienced ICBC claims lawyer to represent your interests and fight for you.

Our ICBC claims lawyers have decades of experience dealing with the corporation. We understand how the claims process works.

The general steps of an ICBC claim are:

  • Report the Claim: The ICBC provides two methods of reporting your accident: call Dial-A-Claim 24 hours a day at 604-520-8222 or visit their website and file an online claim.
  • Speak to an adjuster: The ICBC will assign an adjuster to your claim. Explain what happened to the adjuster. He or she will investigate the accident, determine liability and work toward a settlement.
  • Get an estimate: Take your car to a certified estimator to receive an estimate on the damages to your vehicle.
  • Get the car fixed: You can take your car to any repair shop, but the corporation recommends that you use an ICBC VALET facility.
  • Payment: The ICBC will directly pay most shops for the estimated costs of the repairs. If your policy includes a deductible you may have to pay it to the repair shop.

Our ICBC claims lawyers have set up an ICBC Frequently Asked Questions page you can visit for more information. Hiring a lawyer will not negatively impact your claim, and we can help you find your footing at every step along the way. 

If you’re a British Columbia resident looking an experienced ICBC claims lawyer after your car accident, please contact Stephens and Holman today for a free consultation.