ICBC and Breach of Insurance

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If you are involved in an automobile accident, you are required to deal with ICBC in good faith. Should you fail in this duty, ICBC can deny your claim on grounds of “breach of insurance.”

To help avoid a breach of insurance denial, it is helpful to have an attorney on your side at all times during the claims process. The Surrey ICBC lawyers at Stephens & Holman are prepared to take your case, guard against denial, and help you get maximum compensation.

What is a Breach of Insurance

Breach of insurance is detailed in section 19 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act. ICBC may consider your insurance breached under circumstances such as:

  • False statements made in regards to a claim
  • False description of the motor vehicle
  • Knowing misrepresenting or failing to disclose any facts
  • Any violation of the terms or conditions of the plan
  • Fraud in respect of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act

If ICBC accuses you of any of these things, you lose your right to file for benefits along with your right to have ICBC indemnify you for court judgments against you.

To avoid these issues, it is best to have an ICBC lawyer on your side as soon as possible following your accident.

If you have been injured in an accident in Surrey or elsewhere in British Columbia, please contact Stephens & Holman today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our ICBC lawyers.