What is a TBI?

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 TBI is an abbreviation for traumatic brain injury, a severe head injury that can cause life-altering physical and mental impairments.

TBIs are caused by a jarring impact that results in the brain slamming into the interior of the skull. TBIs are often sustained in accidents including:

•    Automobile accidents
•    Motorcycle accidents
•    Truck accidents
•    Bicycle accidents
•    Pedestrian accidents
•    Slip-and-fall accidents

Traumatic brain injuries may be accompanied by a number of wide-ranging symptoms. Some of these symptoms may not be apparent immediately following the impact that caused the injury, but most TBI victims will suffer from multiple symptoms that may include:

•    Behavior or personality changes
•    Difficult with Concentration
•    Memory Problems
•    Blurred vision or double vision
•    Dizziness
•    Blood or clear fluid seeping from the nose or ears
•    Loss of motor function
•    Pupils that do not react to light or are different in size
•    Respiratory problems
•    Nausea or vomiting
•    Seizures
•    Tingling or numbness in the extremities

Although the effects of some TBIs are temporary, many traumatic brain injuries can result in death or the need for long-term medical care. If you or a family member suffered a TBI in an accident that was the caused by the negligence of another, the British Columbia injury lawyers at Stephens & Holman may be able to help you recover fair financial compensation for your resulting medical costs and other damages.

For more information about TBIs, please see our Brain Injury Questions page.

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