Types of Motorcycles and Accidents

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Typically, when one thinks of motorcycle accidents, images of touring road bikes come to mind. While these larger motorcycles are certainly involved in many motorcycle accidents, they are not the only types of motorcycles our Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers encounter. No matter what type of motorcycle you are on, you have a right to seek compensation when you sustain an injury in a motorcycle accident. Our attorneys will do everything possible to ensure you are treated fairly and maximum compensation is granted.

Different Types of Motorcycles

Different types of motorcycles include:

• Dirt bikes
• Scooters
• Mopeds
• Electric bicycles
• Three-wheeled vehicles

Any open-air vehicle with fewer than 4 wheels can technically be considered a motorcycle. Operation of all of these requires a helmet in British Columbia. Accidents involving any of these can result in severe personal injury to its operator. Drivers of all of these vehicles are entitled to seek full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. Our attorneys are here to ensure compensation is granted and justice is served.

If you have been involved in an accident on any type of motorcycle anywhere in British Columbia, please contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Stephens & Holman to schedule a free initial consultation today.