Truck Rollover

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One of the most common types of truck accidents is truck rollover. This is caused when the trailer or cab of a truck rolls over and often results in severe personal injury and even death for the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. The causes of truck rollover can include improperly weighted loads, defective tires or trucking equipment, unsafe speeds, or even weather conditions. No matter the cause, you will need an experienced Delta personal injury lawyer on your side following one of these accidents to ensure you are provided with the compensation you are due.

Who is to Blame?

There can be several responsible parties in a truck accident case. Perhaps the driver was distracted or driving irresponsibly. Perhaps the load was not weighted or secured properly by a loading crew. The vehicle may have been unsafe prior to its departure or not fully inspected by a mechanic. With so many potential parties sharing responsibility, you need one of our attorneys to investigate your accident and determine liability. Liability in a truck rollover may be shared by several parties, each with their own ICBC adjustor working to minimize your settlement. Only with one of our attorneys on your side can you ensure you are treated fairly and provided the full compensation you are due.

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