Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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There can be several causes of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle does not have the same handling ability as a vehicle with four wheels, making it more susceptible to factors such as road and weather conditions. Like any vehicle, a motorcycle may have defective parts such as breaks or tires that can lead to an accident. While these are certainly causes of some motorcycle accidents, overwhelmingly these accidents are caused by the inattention or recklessness of other drivers.

Know Your Rights

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you risk for severe personal injury is increased. Motorcycles simply do not offer the same protections as other vehicles and even with proper safety gear you face an increased risk of spinal cord and brain damage, and a much higher chance of death. If you have sustained an injury or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, our Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyers are prepared to take your case and fight for maximum compensation.

There is a stigma against bikers that may prompt sympathy with the driver responsible for your injuries. We have no tolerance for these stereotypes and will fight tooth and nail to ensure you are treated fairly and provided with every penny you are due.

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