Teens and Auto Accidents

Serving Greater Vancouver and Nearby Areas of British Columbia

Teenaged drivers are disproportionately involved in automobile accidents in and around Vancouver, BC. Due to this, the automatic response of the ICBC and even the authorities is to assume a teen driver caused the accident. Statistics show that teens are more likely to take unnecessary risks while driving and things such as texting can be more common in a car piloted by a teen. However, this does not mean that your teenager caused their accident. You need an aggressive and experienced auto accident lawyer on your side to help establish liability and ensure your teen is treated fairly.

How We Can Help

For nearly 30 years the attorneys at Stephens & Holman have been helping victims of auto accidents get the justice they deserve. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of your teenager’s accident and seek to prove that liability does not lie solely on their shoulders. Going it alone can result in costly lawsuits and insurance premium increases. With our law firm on your side, you can rest assured that your family will be protected and maximum compensation will be sought.

If your teenage driver was involved in an accident anywhere in British Columbia, please contact the experienced auto accident attorneys at Stephens & Holman to schedule a free initial consultation today