Why Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

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While you don’t need a car accident lawyer to seek accident benefits from ICBC, it is strongly recommended because of the complex nature of the ICBC claims process. Insurance adjusters at ICBC are always looking for ways to reduce large claim payouts for car accidents. Generally, the more serious your injuries, the more important it is for you to seek legal advice from an experienced British Columbia personal injury lawyer in order to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

ICBC adjusters are sophisticated negotiators who know the claims process inside and out. They are acting in ICBC’s best interest, not yours. An adjuster’s performance is graded on how much they spend per claim. The lower the allocated expenses are for their files, the higher an adjuster is ranked among their peers.

When you meet with an ICBC adjuster, you may not realize that many of the questions they ask are designed to elicit a statement from you that can be held against you in court, or otherwise used to minimize your claim. Without knowing what to expect, you are putting your claim at risk, and you may not get the financial support you need to make a proper recovery.

Hiring an lawyer does not mean you have to go to court. Less than 1% of all ICBC claims end up in the courtroom. Having an experienced car accident lawyer on your side simply means that you are prepared for the various tactics ICBC will use against you, and can rest assured that your rights are being protected.

If you have been injured in a car accident in British Columbia, please contact the experienced Vancouver motor vehicle accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman today to schedule your initial consultation.