ICBC Claim Mistakes

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The Proper Documentation and Dates of Treatment are Not Prepared

You will have to speak with an ICBC adjuster about your previous medical problems and treatment you need for injuries sustained in the auto accident. The adjuster will ask you to sign a statement that he or she has prepared about your injuries and the accident. You can jeopardize your auto accident case and receive less compensation than you require if you are not properly prepared for your meeting with the insurance adjuster.

Having our British Columbia ICBC claims lawyers at Stephens & Holman on your side will ensure that you are prepared and that all the legal documentation is gathered and organized. Our ICBC claims lawyers will speak with the ICBC adjuster on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected.

You are Only Seen by an ICBC-Appointed Doctor and Not Your Physician

ICBC may request that you see an ICBC-appointed doctor to examine you for injuries. It is a good idea to contact our ICBC claims lawyers if you are asked to see one of their doctors. The medical reports their doctors put together may harm your claim. The doctors work for ICBC. You may not get a chance to see your medical evaluation. It is best to see your physician for an examination to get an unbiased evaluation of your injuries.

You Discontinue Receiving Treatment When ICBC Stops Funding the Treatment

ICBC may stop funding your treatment even though your physician deems that continued treatment is necessary. Speak with our British Columbia ICBC claims lawyers to learn about alternative means for funding your treatment.

To make sure there are no mistakes when you file your auto accident claim with ICBC, please contact our British Columbia ICBC claims lawyers at Stephens & Holman today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.