Can i go to my own doctor or do i have to go to a certain doctor your firm uses?

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One of the most important actions you can take following an auto accident is to visit a doctor. Most times, victims of an auto accident do not notice any symptoms of an injury until the following day or sometimes even several days later, depending upon the nature of the injury. A doctor will discover any injuries you may have suffered as well as prescribe the necessary treatment to correct your injuries.

You can visit any family practice physician with whom you feel comfortable. Your physician will be qualified to examine you, and the records of your injuries will be imperative and instrumental in proving you were injured in the auto accident.

The law firm of Stephens & Holman does not use any particular doctor to examine our clients following auto accidents. If you do not have a family practice physician and would like a referral to a physician, our auto accident lawyers in Vancouver, BC can suggest a physician. However, you do not have to see any physician that you do not want to see. It is more important that you are examined and treated than it is which physician you see.

The auto accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman will meet with you and discuss your auto accident case in a free, no obligation consultation if you have any additional questions about auto accidents or would like more information on the legal process.

Filing an auto accident lawsuit to gain the compensation you need for your personal injuries and property damages can be confusing. Please contact the Vancouver, BC auto accident lawyers at Stephens & Holman today for help with your auto accident case.