A Special Exemption to Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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For decades, Canada has demonstrated a strong motorcycle safety record, mainly due to the many safety regulations the government imposes on its motorcycle riders. Canada enacted mandatory helmet laws for all motorcycle riders as early as the 1960's. As a result, the number of serious injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents has been much less than in other countries without such stringent helmet laws.

However, in recent years, an interesting exemption to these helmet laws has been granted by the Canadian government. Many Sikhs living in Canada have voiced strong objections to the helmet laws, claiming that helmets would prevent them from wearing their turbans while riding their motorcycle. Wearing a turban is a fundamental demonstration of faith for Sikhs.

In the case Dhillon v. British Columbia, the court ruled that defending the religious rights of Sikhs to honor their tradition of wearing turbans trumps any safety precautions that inspired Canada's helmet laws. As a result, Sikhs are now allowed to leave their helmets at home in order to ride their motorcycles with a turban on their head.

Despite strict helmet laws and other safety regulations, motorcycles remain one of the most dangerous types of motor vehicles on the road. The risk of serious injury in a motorcycle accident is far greater than with other vehicles.

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