Child Pedestrian Safety Near School Buses

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While school bus accidents occur much less frequently than other motor vehicle accidents, the injuries sustained from them are often far more severe than those stemming from other accidents. This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of children injured in school bus accidents are pedestrians.

It is unrealistic to expect children under age 10 to exercise more caution in order to avoid these accidents. It is in their nature to be spontaneous and carefree, which in part leads to many of these accidents. As adults, it is our responsibility to take extra precautions to help avoid such tragic incidents which often result in broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and sometimes death.

Bus drivers can do their part by reminding children to pay attention before crossing the street and by keeping the stop sign extended on the bus until all children are clear of the road. However, many children are victims of pedestrian accidents because of the negligence of other drivers in the area.

Automobile drivers can do their part by taking the following actions:

• Observing posted speed limits in school zones
• Driving defensively and paying attention when a school bus is stopped or when driving near a school
• Yielding the right of way to child pedestrians as they cross the street

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, you will need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you receive a fair settlement that will cover medical expenses and other potential damages.

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