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October 20, 2006

Mr. John Smith

Surrey, BC

V3V 7Y7

Dear Mr. Smith,

Re: Accident Claim – October 3, 2006

We were pleased to have had the opportunity of discussing your claim with you. We confirm that we are not yet acting for you, but we hope that the information we gave to you is of assistance.

Although your accident was very recent and it is difficult to predict how long you may continue to suffer from your injuries, we believe that it would be advisable for you to retain a lawyer as soon as possible. As you know, our fees are calculated as a percentage of your claim. Therefore, if you make a speedy recovery from your injuries and have only a nominal claim, our fees will be nominal as well. On the other hand, if you have problems for a prolonged period, we will be there to assist you from the outset. Our fees are calculated no differently whether we are hired one day or one year after your accident. We can normally do a better job for you if we are hired early on.

There are several advantages in hiring a lawyer to help you. First, the amount of your claim will be maximized. Second, you no longer have to deal directly with the ICBC adjuster on your own. Also, thanks to your lawyer's advice, you will have some certainty as to what your claim is worth.

We suggest that in choosing a lawyer you make sure that you obtain a firm that does not act for ICBC or other insurance companies.

Our firm practices exclusively in the personal injury field and all members of our firm are highly skilled in this particular branch of law.